Texas Holdem Poker - Basic Rules, History, and Winning Strategies

Texas Holdem poker is among the most popular variants of poker across the world. It traces its roots to Robstown, Texas. After its invention, this poker variation quickly became famous spreading through Texas and ultimately to the casinos of Las Vegas.

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In Texas Holdem, poker players are handed two cards face down known as hole cards. Five community cards are then dealt publicly in three stages. The first is a series of three cards known as the “flop,” followed by a single card called “the turn” or “fourth street.” The final card issued is “the fifth street” or “the river.”

Texas Holdem Poker - Basic Rules

The rules for Texas Holdem remain the same, whether you are playing Texas Holdem poker online or at a land-based casino. It is played in a succession of hands or deals. Each hand concludes with the winning player taking the pot. A hand typically ends in a showdown where participants who have not folded show their cards to compare card totals. In other occasions, the game ends when all players fold, and only one remains.

Betting Rounds

Texas Holdem rules dictate that the game is played in rounds. During the rounds, players attempt to accumulate a card total that beats the rest of the table. Each betting round is ascribed a name with all rounds adding up to a five-card total.


At this stage, players are dealt their two hole cards. The dealer starts from the left, giving a single card per player in a clockwise manner until each participant has two cards. During this round, the player on the big blind’s left takes a look at their cards and picks one of three decisions according to the cards dealt - to fold, call or raise.


The flop is the betting round that comes after the preflop. In dealing the flop, the top card on the deck is dealt face-down as the “burn” card and is not in play. Then follow the three flop cards dealt face up at the middle of the table. Any player can use these cards to make a 5-card poker hand likely to win.


The turn is the round of betting that comes after the flop. Much like the previous round, the dealer begins by burning the top card in the deck face down before dealing the fourth card. Betting starts once the turn has been dealt.


The river is dealt when there is more than a single participant left having played the previous rounds. The river is dealt quite similarly to the turn as one card is burnt face-down before the river card is dealt. No more cards are dealt after this round and players go on to the showdown if there are still more participants than one.

Texas Holdem Poker Tips and Strategies

There is an array of strategies for playing poker Texas Holdem you can include into your way of playing. One of the strategies recommended by many poker aficionados is strategically choosing your sitting position. As betting goes in a clockwise motion from the big blind, players that make decisions later in the game have more information to go by than those that make their bets early.

Some pundits also recommend a tight-aggressive technique when playing poker. To increase the chances of winning while playing Texas Holdem poker Philippines’ gamblers are advised to play a few hands of poker. You should then be aggressive in the few hands that you play raising as often as you can.

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Live Texas Holdem Poker Games and Tournaments

Savvy players have myriad online options to take part in tournaments where the rules of Texas Holdem change depending on the tournament. Texas Holdem is featured in many tournaments and is the main event for notable tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. Playing Texas Holdem poker online, gamblers have the chance to compete for real money in tournaments held by different casino websites.

Single-table tournaments are referred to as a sit-and-go and start once the table is filled. Multi-table tournaments are referred to as so as they include multiple tables with participants dropping out of the game as it narrows down to the winner.

Best Casinos to Play Online Texas Holdem Poker for Real Money

Punters that want to play Texas Holdem poker online have a variety of online platforms to choose from. Nevertheless, you want a casino that gives the best bonuses. Aside from a good bonus incentive, operators should also have a decent player base for your live poker tournaments or normal play. Additionally, the gambling platform should have the latest graphics features to foster the right atmosphere. Gamblers should also look out for a casino with multiple payment methods that make it easy to access your winnings.

888 Casino

888 Casino is renowned for running some of the oldest poker rooms on the internet. The site offers a generous incentive for customers signing up to the platform where your initial deposit is matched. Gamblers that need that online challenge for their poker skills ought to try out the casino. Numerous tournaments attract some of the best talents in poker for a piece of the prize money.


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As one of the operators styled like a sports gambling site, 1XBet does well to provide all the table games you like to play including Texas Holdem poker. Take part in the action and win yourself some great prizes in the live casino section of the operator. 1xBet also invites clients to take part in the poker tournaments held at the operator on a frequent basis.

Free Online Texas Holdem Poker Games

Online platforms offer numerous free games. Players can take part in different versions of Texas Holdem poker at various online casinos. Free play is enabled for all new customers that come to the casino and gives you a feel of the game before you play for real money.

Conclusion - Why Play Texas Holdem Poker

Aside from the simple and straightforward gameplay, Texas Holdem poker is a favourite for many gamblers as there is a lot one can do in the way of strategy. Developing the best approach also comes with big wins. Online gamblers continue enjoying a good time playing online as numerous bonuses, and tournaments are held to attract new players.