Sic Bo Online - Play This Dice Game and Win Big Prizes

There are casino games that require some skills and complete knowledge of the rules and there are a few that are fun and easy to play. Sic Bo online falls inot the second category. Also known as tai sai, big and small, or hi-lo, this popular game of chance uses three dice to deliver the outcomes. According to many historians, this game literally means ‘precious dice’ and ‘dai sai’ means big or small which tells you a lot about how this game is played. Sicbo is a popular game in the Philippines and Macau casinos and it often attracts players looking for an easy to play and exciting casino game. Although the game started in Asia, this is now plated in different parts of the world including the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Playing the Game

This Oriental-themed casino game shares some similarities with craps, another popular casino game that uses dice. However, you should not confuse this popular casino game with craps. Sicbo is completely a game of chance since every roll of the dice will result to a win or loss. In craps, there are certain bets that require several rolls before these can become a winning or losing bet. In short, craps require some sort of a strategy that you may not need when playing Sic Bo online.

In Sic Bo online, you simply bet on the outcome of the throw of the dice. In a casino, you will find a betting table where you can place the bet. If you’re a first-time player, there’s a big chance that you may get confused with the layout of the betting table. This table simply lists the different betting sections that correspond to your bet. There are two common bets that you will easily notice on the table- the Small and Big.

To start the game, the dealer in Sic Bo online picks up the small chest containing the dice, closes the box, and shakes it. As part of the sic bo game, he will slowly open the chest to slowly reveal the winning combinations.

Bets to Play in Sic Bo

As mentioned, the betting table offers you the chance to play different types of bets in the Sic Bo line. Described below are some of the most popular bets to consider when learning how to play sic bo in your preferred online casino.

Small and big bets

If you’re learning how to play sic bo, then you will encounter this popular bet online. As the term suggests, these two bets allow you to put your bet on small and big numbers. If you put your money on a small bet, you are predicting that the sum of the dice will range from 4 and 10. And when you put the money on the ‘big bet’, you are betting that the sum of the dice will fall between 11 and 17.

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Other sum bets

If you don’t feel like putting your money on specific dice numbers and their combinations, you can rely on a specific sum. As part of the Sic Bo online rules, you can bet on a sum that ranges from 4 and 17.

Single dice bet

Here, you put your money on a specific number that will appear on one, two, or all three dice.

Two dice combination bet

In this type of Sic bo online wager, you put your money on the outcome of the two dice at once instead of all three or their sum. This type of bet pays 5 to 1.

In Sic bo online, you are offered different ways to bet on the outcomes of the dice. Compared to craps, you don’t need to worry about a sic bo strategy or a set of complicated tricks just to win the game. This is a classic game of chance wherein you predict the outcome of the three dice. The only sic bo tips that you can follow are to read the rules, set a bankroll before playing, and just enjoy this Oriental-themed casino game.