An In-Depth Guide To Playing Online Poker In The Philippines

The easiest and best way to play poker in the Philippines is through online casinos. Residents are technically allowed to gamble in online casinos with no legal issues, as long as the gambling sites have offshore jurisdiction. If you still don’t know how to play this amazing game, sit tight as we’ll review everything you need to know about online poker. You will learn the variants of poker, how odds are calculated, and how you can use the different strategies to increase your odds of winning.

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Poker In The Philippines - Law & Regulations

Poker online is technically legal in the Philippines. Most of the gambling activities in the country are governed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation(PAGCOR). The government has tried to prosecute online gambling but in 2012, the Court of Appeals in Pampanga said that since there are no laws governing online casinos, there is no point of penalizing an act that has no law yet.

Popular Poker Games In The Philippines

Poker is a popular game itself in both land based and online gambling platforms as it has different variants together with its amazing experience. The most common variations of online poker in the Philippines is Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 7-card Stud. You will find these variations in every big online operator.

Texas Hold’em

The most sought after variant of online poker is Texas Hold’em and you can spot it in popular TV shows and movies in casino scenes. The game is not governed by a random number generator and needs a whole lot of strategy. With 5 community cards face up and two hidden hole cards, Texas Hold’em comes with interesting in-game variations. Betting usually takes place in four rounds and participants have to make their best hands with any combination of their hole cards and the communal cards.


Omaha is yet another kind of Hold’em that can beenjoyed by 2-10 participants at a go. While the variation is like Texas hold’em in terms of rounds of betting, each player is given four cards and the 5 community cards are instantly revealed. Here, you can only use two of your cards or three of the common to make your final hand. This makes its gameplay much more interesting.

7-card Stud

Seven Card Stud is one of the most lengthy skill games to master. As the name suggests, there are 7 gamblers per table and seven cards are dealt with across the hand. In determining the winner, the dealer has to use only the best five-card poker for each participant. Unlike the two above variants.

Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the 7-card stud has bet limits which are best set in fixed increments. There are also several variants within seven cards and each has its own unique sets of rules and conditions.

Tips And Strategies

Online poker is a game of strategy and it is best to know the various ways you can increase the odds to your favour. Online poker is not a one-minute game and requires hours of gameplay before obtaining huge wins. So be prepared to endure the long hours and make your plans accordingly. Avoid falling in the trap of playing a “balanced style.” This kind of strategy is usually suitable for experienced gamblers who have higher chances of meeting the same opponents again. Lastly, make sure you keep records and play within your bankroll.

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Poker Tournaments In The Philippines

With the number of Filipino gamblers who love poker constantly increasing, there’s also a rise in poker pros and tournaments across the country. These tournaments have an age limit of 21 because of the high stakes and also as per the Philippines regulations. You can choose to participate in a host of tournaments like the famous Manila Megastack and the Manila leg of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. There’s also The Manilla Megastack Challenge, Okada Manila Millions, and Red Dragon Manila which had a whopping 110,000EUR as prize money.

Best Casinos To Play Online Poker In The Philippines

Online casinos are the only gateway to playing live poker games in the Philippines. They have the jurisdiction and variety needed to enjoy your ideal poker variation online. However, it is crucial to check on a few factors like payment methods, customer support, and bonuses before choosing which online platform to play poker. That said, here are some of or most recommended places for the ultimate poker experience.


PNXBET is probably the youngest site in this list but has some great perks especially in playing online casino games. Founded only in 2019, the operator has Rakeback promotions, a variety of poker games such as Hold’em and new variations like Spin & Go. With numerous tournaments (daily and weekly), PNXBET is an excellent choice for beginners.


Ever tried bitcoin online poker? Well, you should consider signing up at Cloudbet casino. It has a classy selection of poker variations and uses Bitcoin or Bcash as the sole method of payment. While they don’t have arcade games, online poker lovers should enjoy entertaining poker variants. Cloudbet has close to 32 video poker variants and they have great graphics. Apart from poker, you can also get other casino games such as roulette, live casino, online slots real money, baccarat, and table games.


Bet365 gives Filipino players full access to plenty of poker titles and variations. The site gives you so many expectations that it is frankly unbeatable by other competitors. Bet365 casino has premium poker tables that allow you to play against Bet365 customers only. You can try speed poker, 6+ Holdem, or stud poker at the online casino. It is a solid choice with overall trustworthiness of 99.9%.

Free Poker Games And Demos

Whenever you feel like trying out a certain strategy, it is always best to do it in a demo version. A demo version allows you to gamble for free and as many times as you want without losing money. Playing for online casinos real money is lucrative, but when you don’t know the ins and outs of online poker, then prepare for some losses. Otherwise, if you’re new to the game just use the free version.

Conclusion - Why Play Online Poker In The Philippines

Poker is a game of strategy and if you like to enjoy it in the Philippines, make sure you find the best online casinos. It has so many variants and rules that it would take a lifetime to master everything. But live poker can be attractive once you get to know the rules. The best way to go about it is to start slow and bet on what is available in your bankroll. All in all, it is a game you should try and win big in real casino online sites.