Live Baccarat Guide And How to Play In The Philippines

Playing live baccarat online is possible for punters in the Philippines who are willing to find the best titles at online casinos. But if you are new to this game you can still get to know how it works in this review including strategies that can win you big money.

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Live Baccarat - How To Play

Live dealer baccarat is one of the most convenient games played. Thus, if you want to play baccarat online live, make sure you know the rules and regulations first. In baccarat, there are a couple of decks of cards used in which are stored in a compartment called the “shoe.”

A live baccarat dealer will deal with two cards on each side and the main objective of the game is to reach as close to the number 9 as possible. It is somewhat similar to live blackjack in that the aim of the game is to reach a certain number. However, live baccarat is still a unique game on its own and has its set of rules that are different from live blackjack. Baccarat can be played as a single-player game or a multi-seat table, though single-seat tables can still work for multiple players. Generally, baccarat will give standard returns for the Banker (0.95:1), Player (1:1), and Tie bets (8:1).

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Popular Live Baccarat Variants

Like most casino titles, baccarat comes with a number of variations. First, there is the mini baccarat live casino. As its name suggests, it is a smaller version of the game as it only allows seven participants instead of the normal eight. Mini baccarat has only one live dealer and has lower bet rates compared to live baccarat.

Chemin de Fer is also another French variation and has its own set of rules. For example, the cards are distributed face down instead of the usual face up. The baccarat Banque is an interesting variation as only one player gets to be the dealer. The upside of baccarat Banque is that the game has large bet options to the participants.

Lastly, we have the Punto Bunco live baccarat which has a long history in the world of facing several rejections in the early 50s. It involves 14 gamblers who are called punto and the banker bunco.

Tips And Betting Strategy for Live Baccarat

If you want to be a pro in live baccarat then it is important to know a couple of betting strategies. The first and most crucial part is to make short sessions and not worry about losing in the short run. This allows you to learn new strategies and also prevents consecutive losses. Be aware that the house edge is always higher and may not be best for you in the long run. Identify the limits of your losses and make sure you adhere to them.

If you know about betting systems, then you can apply a mix of them in an even spread. For instance, in the Martingale system you double your wager amount anytime you lose a bet until you win. Also, you should start placing bets after the final four hands in the shoe. All in all, these strategies might not work for everyone and you should never chase losses in the name of following a betting strategy.

Counting Cards in Live Baccarat

Just like blackjack, the beauty of baccarat is to know the value of your cards and make sure you reach the number 9 without surpassing. Thus, many gamblers try to count cards, in order to have higher winning chances. In its essence, card counting is a strategy which determines if the next hand will be a winning one. Most counters will wait and will not place bets in the first couple of rounds so that they can have a slight advantage over the dealer.

Throughout the years, many gamblers have tried to count cards and thus, obtain bigger winnings. Unfortunately, though, you cannot count cards when you are playing baccarat online. There is one simple reason for that - most online casinos use multiple decks, so counting cards becomes impossible.

Top Live Baccarat Casinos In The Philippines

The great thing about live baccarat is that you can play with a professional dealer on the other side of the screen and make some money at the comfort of your home. That said, there are numerous live baccarat online casino sites with live baccarat titles as the main attraction. These sites have the latest variations, not forgetting the classics as well.

The gaming platforms are ideal for players in the Philippines with favourable payment methods, and supportive customer representatives. It is also ideally what best online casinos should have with regards to gambling. That said, whenever you want to play live baccarat consider joining these operators: 1xBet, 888 Casino, or Betfair. They are our top picks at the moment and will guarantee you a fun experience while also playing your favourite game.


Any gambling enthusiasts or pro knows the perks of online gambling, especially in games like live baccarat. They may require some time to learn the basics and strategies, but once you get a gist of things, you’re all set! Luckily, like online gambling, live baccarat is somewhat legal in the Philippines and has so many variations to choose from. Also, players who don’t have time can still enjoy it at the comfort of your mobile device and play live baccarat on the go.