Best Roulette Strategy - Tips and Top Strategies for You

When it comes to playing online casino games, our primary objective is simple- to enjoy and win. For this reason, we always strive to understand the game and find the best strategies that we can use to improve our chances. However, keep in mind that there’s no single strategy that can work for a player. Based on the experiences of most casino players, the best way to play is to adopt a set of tested tips and strategies. This iapplies to almost all kinds of popular casino games, online roulette included. The best roulette strategy is one that incorporates several tested casino roulette tips and tricks that have been used by many successful players. In this guide, we cover some of the best roulette tips and tricks that can form part of your best roulette strategy.

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Use a Betting Strategy

One of the best roulette strategy is to come up with a betting style when playing the game. When playing casino games, it’s not recommended that you simply throw away your money just to play. There should be rhyme and reason in every action and in roulette, you can do it by using a betting strategy. There are many of them available with the martingale strategy as the most popular and considered the best approach to many. In this approach to betting, you simply double your bet if you lose the round. For example, if you bet and lose $10, then your next bet should be $20.

There’s a variation of this betting strategy called the Paroli system. In this betting strategy, you will double your bet for every win. If your bet of $10 wins in the round, your next bet should be $20. This is a roulette strategy to win big only if your risk appetite is high.

Look for Roulette Variants that Offer the Surrender and En Prison Rule

Before you play the game, make sure you review the roulette rules and look for things that can help improve your chances. Two in-game features that can help boost your gameplay are the presence of the ‘Surrender’ and ‘En Prison’. In casinos that offer the surrender option, you can only lose half your bet if the roulette ball falls in 0 or 00 provided you made an even money bet. This wager is similar to the ‘En Prison’ rule that’s standard in the French Roulette.

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If Possible, Play the Single ‘0’ Roulette

In many casinos for Philippine players, you will find several variants of the roulette game. When faced with a wide range of options, consider playing the variant with a single-zero wheel. A perfect example of this is European Roulette, a popular variant in many leading casinos. In a single-zero game like the European version, the house edge stands at 2.70 percent. Now, compare this to the house edge of 5.26 percent for the American Roulette variant that comes with an extra slot for ‘00’. In short, you can always improve your chances in a casino by focusing on the single ‘0’ variant.

Play Within Your Bankroll

Most online casinos today allow you to play glossy and premium roulette variants. This serves as motivation for many to play more using big amounts. As a responsible roulette player, make sure you play by staying within your budget. As part of your best roulette strategy, make sure to identify first your bankroll and stick with it. You need to bet what you can only afford to lose. The bankroll can be $1,000 or $100 provided that the money is something you can lose and forget. And when you have used up the budget, stay away from the game. There’s no sure way to win at roulette every time. In short, there’s no sure bet or the best roulette strategy that’s applicable for everyone.