Roulette Rules to Keep in Mind When Playing Online

Roulette is a classic casino game with a rich history. Taken from the French term which means ‘little wheel’, this game of chance was first played in European casinos before making its way to America and other regions. It’s now available in different variants and you can play it in both free play and real money versions. There’s even a live version of the game that allows you to play directly against a professional croupier. Although it’s available in different variants and can be played differently, the basic roulette rules still apply. So, if you’re a beginner or just want to refresh your skills set, make sure you review the different roulette rules.

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Playing the Game

This table game has two important components - the table and roulette wheel online. The wheel shows the numbers from 1 to 36 in alternating colors of red and black. You will also find the table which displays the different bets you can play in this game. On the roulette table, the bets are carefully laid out and you need to click to place your wager. Under the standard roulette rules, your primary objective is to predict which number the roulette ball lands. If you can correctly predict this outcome, then you will collect a payout.

Under the roulette betting rules, there are different ways on how to bet and predict the outcome of the rolling of the ball. If you’re learning more about how roulette rules work, it’s equally important that you pay attention to the different types of bets that you can play online. Here’s a brief look at the popular categories of online roulette bets that you can use today.

Color bet

As the term suggests, you will bet on a color. For example, you will decide if the ball will end up in red or black. This type of roulette bet pays 1 to 1.

Odd/even bet

Here, you can bet whether the outcome will be odd or even. Just like the color bet, you can receive a payout of 1 to 1 if you’re correct.

Straight-up bet

This is the best-paying wager to play in online roulette. This pays 31 to 1. To play this bet, you need to choose a single number to win. For example, you can pick a 7 or 35 to end up as the winning spin.

High and low

This is another popular bet to play in roulette. You will bet if the winning outcome in the spin will fall in the high (19-36) or low (1-18).

Aside from these popular bets, there are other types of bets that you can enjoy in an online roulette game. For example, you can put your money on column bet, street, or a split. The choice of what bets to play will ultimately depend on your risk level and overall strategy.

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Popular Variants of Roulette You Can Play

Whn learning the roulette rules, you will also discover the different variants of this game. Before you take a seat at a table and play real money, make sure to check the variant to play and the applicable roulette rules. Described below are the popular variants that you may encounter when you play roulette online.

European Roulette

For many casino players, European Roulette is considered the most authentic version of the game. In this variant, you will find numbers that range from 0 to 36, and these are distributed randomly on the wheel. This follows the basic roulette rules and the game offers a small house edge at 2.7%.

American Roulette

This is a newer version of the game that was introduced to American casino players. Compared to the European version, the American roulette wheel features an extra pocket for ‘00’. Also, the numbers are arranged in a logical order but placed opposite one another. Since there’s an extra slot for ‘00’ that’s not available in the European roulette wheel, the house edge is relatively higher.

French Roulette

This is another popular variant of the game and offers unique roulette rules. This version offers two popular rules in the game- the en prison and the la partage. If you make an even-money bet and lose, you get half your wager back. In this game, this rule is called the ‘la partage’.In ‘en prison’, you have the option to play your bet again if the ball lands on zero.