Live Roulette - A Guide For Gambler’s In The Philippines

Online casinos are always filled with tons of games, Live roulette being one of them. This particular offering is easily enjoyable and challenging as well. Players from the Philippines can enjoy multiple variations of the casino classic with live dealers in the house.

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Live Roulette - How To Play

Roulette has fairly easy rules and as long as you grasp the basics, you’re good to go. Even if you’re a pro-casino gambler, it is still equally important to know the rules and regulations. The ultimate goal of live roulette is to predict the number or colour where the ball will land on the roulette wheel.

First, you need to place your wager before the croupier spins the wheel. The dealer takes all bets before spinning. After each round, he/she will announce the winners and remove all losing bets. When betting on live roulette, take note that the inside bets have larger odds than outside bets. The wheel can be spun in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. These rules are for the basic game and may change depending on the variations.

Online live roulette is not different from land-based roulette and operates on the same principles. You can even find most variations taking place in actual casinos from other locations. Playing live roulette online, of course, sounds more fun because there are more tables and variants. The only drawback would be that in a live roulette online casino you don’t get any free drinks.

Live Roulette Variants

The beauty of casino games is the availability of different versions of the same game, also known as variants. Live roulette variants have slightly different rules and are much more entertaining than in land-based gambling spots. Luckily, live dealer roulette software developers are busy working to produce even more variations of the game.

The variants were introduced from different countries and have unique background stories of how they came to be. One easy way to differentiate live roulette variants is by looking at the design of the table and the position of its 0 pockets. Currently, we’d recommend trying out the more common variants like American or European roulette. Other variants might have difficult rules and you’d end up losing your money in the process. If you’re unsure of the variant in front of you, just use the normal version. It doesn’t hurt to start basic then build up as you get to know other variants of live roulette in the Philippines.

The most popular variations include:

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Tips And Betting Strategy For Live Roulette

While using a strategy is the key to winning big, there’s no sure formula that can get you big money in live roulette. But if you follow some tips, you can cover your losses in a short while. First and foremost, never bet on odds that you have no idea about. In this casino game, the best you can do is spread your chips and make sure there are enough chances of winning. Betting systems are great but never count on them. They may work in the long run, but most will need a large bankroll, something which most players don’t have. However, if you wish to use these strategies then consider the martingale system, Fibonacci system, or reverse martingale.

With these strategies in mind, you can start placing bets in online live roulette casinos and as you gain more understanding you’ll surely enjoy! Make sure you start betting small and increase your bets slowly. Even if you see yourself winning the first games, ensure you increase your wagers moderately.

Most people have the notion that there are unbalanced wheels in live roulette games. This is not the case. We don’t think any online casino would leave a loophole by not taking care of the spin wheels. The casino is aware that in live dealer games the RNG does not apply and therefore they have to be as impartial as possible.

Top Online Live Roulette Sites

There are best online casinos in the Philippines where you can play live roulette. However, you need to check whether the operators have great payment methods, enough live roulette variants, and an overall smooth experience. The best live sites in the Philippines should have at least 30 roulette games available, from the classics to more themed versions.

So far the most promising online casinos with live lightning roulette include 888 Casino, Intertops, and Betfair. These sites give amazing bonuses for new players and allow you to try out some online casino games for free. They also have the best return to player rates and allow payments from the local currency, eWallets, and many more.

These sites have reputable names and have been in the online gambling scene for years, if not decades. Plus their customer service is top-notch and it has representatives ready to talk to you 24/7 through email or on the interactive live chat forum. So, never hesitate to try any of these sites if you want to start playing.


Winding up, live roulette is a game everyone should try to play at least once in their lifetime. Gamblers in the Philippines have the advantage of choosing some of the best online casinos with scores of bonuses. If you’re new to gambling, take your time to understand the strategies and you will be a pro in no time. It is best to choose online casinos that are reputable and offer enough variants to keep you going.