The Best Online Casino Games & Tips for Winning

Online casino games in the Philippines are a source of entertainment and making extra money. If you are looking for a hobby to pass time while still earning some cash, try online gambling. We know people who have made the news after winning millions on a casino.

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Online Casino Games

Everyone would like to get away with a six-figure casino win. It is a life-changing amount that you can use to buy a house, start a business, go on a vacation, basically most things you dream of.

However, to increase the chances of winning at online casino games, you need to know the rule and have a strategy. By the end of this article, you will know the best operators, online casino games to try and ways to maximise your wins.

Types Of Online Casino Games

What is your favourite casino bet? There are thousands of online casino games out there. Since the industry began in the 90s, we have seen gaming software companies come up with products every day.

There is something to match different tastes. While some, like slots, require little or no skills, others call for a gaming strategy.

Even if you tried, it would be impossible to exhaust all the online casino games in the Philippines market. Some are extremely fun and you would find yourself going back for another round. Plus, when you start winning, it will be difficult for you to leave the gameplay in the middle of a winning streak.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to try out your hand on different online casino games. This way, you will know which games you excel at most. Now, let us check out the most popular online casino games today.

Table Games

These types of online casino games are set or played on a table. It can involve one or more players but the most important thing to note is that you will join a table.


For a blackjack online win, you should beat the dealer's hand without going above 21. In the beginning of a blackjack game, every player gets 2 cards and the croupier's one card remains hidden until the last round.

Blackjack 21 is the most popular variant. To ‘hit’ is to ask for another card. However, if you ‘stand,’ you hold your total and finish your turn. ‘Doubling’ means you double your stake and get one more card.


Online casino roulette is one of the most common casino games. You predict where the ball will land. The dealer throws the ball and you win if the ball lands as you predicted. The wheel has numbers 1-36, shaded in black and red. The 0 and 00 packets are green.

The three main variants of online roulette are European, American and French roulette. The latter roulette table has the lowest house edge, making it the most popular among punters.


Luck plays a small role in poker online. Good thing is that if you're an experienced player, your strategy can give you wins. The royal flush (when you make a ten-to-ace straight in a similar suit) is the highest-ranking hand.

You can either bet/call, raise the pot or fold. To win, you will need any combination of your two-hole cards on the board to create the best 5-card hand.

It is good if you understand terms like ‘river’ ’flop’ ’pre-flop’ and ‘street’.


Baccarat online is the perfect online casino game for players who want straightforward gameplay with few rules. You will use 6 to 8 decks depending on the variant.

At the start, you will wager on the outcome. It can either be a Banker Win, a Player or a Tie. The croupier will give two cards to each player and two (face down) to the banker.

Your goal is to finish with a value of 9. The player whose hand is closest to 9 will win.

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Slot Games

Online casino slots are some of the easiest to play, to date. You require no specific skill because all you do is hit spin for the reels to move. Moreover, it needs luck, more than any other online casino games. Online slots use RNGs (Random Number Generators) so it is impossible to rig.

However, having a money strategy will help you plan your gameplay and size your bets. Here are the different types of online slots.

Video Slots

Video slots are simple and they come in different themes. From summer slots to winter, film, music, festivals, Halloween etc. They come in two versions; high volatility or low volatility.

Note that highly volatile slots come with less frequent but huge wins. However, not-so-volatile slots offer frequent wins of fewer amounts.

Jackpot Slots

These are real money slots and they come with the biggest wins ever recorded. We have seen millionaires like Jon Heywood, who won a life-changing amount on Mega Moolah slot after spending 30 minutes and about 50 dollars.

If you could win a slot jackpot right now, what would you do with the money? The amount is usually into the millions, meaning you can change your whole life with just one spin.

Classic Slots

Back to where it all began. Classic slots have a traditional theme and fewer reels. Still, they are thrilling and the wins are relatively good. One of the most popular classic slots is the Starburst. It is so favoured that best online casinos give free Starburst spins as a bonus to new players.

Other Popular Casino Games

Other popular online casino games include lotto, bingo, craps and Wheel of Fortune. With bingo, you have higher chances of winning if you buy more cards and play at low-peak hours. Craps offers some of the most impressive odds in the industry.

Do you know of anyone who has won a lottery? Millions of people try their luck. So, give the lotto a try and see if you are the next millionaire.

Keno online gaming has always been a punters-favourite. It offers multiple tickets to increase wins and a fast-paced gameplay.

Live Casino Games

Live gaming is for players who thrive in a land-based casino ‘like’ setting. They come with real-time live dealers with whom you can have a chat with. The three most popular live casino games are:

Live Poker

Live poker is considered better than playing poker online. Before joining a poker table, practice, read and improve your skills.

Live Roulette

The rules are the same as online roulette but the excitement is much more. The wheel will spin at a certain time, as there are many players on the table. The dealer will inform you how long you have left before the round is over. You can even sit and watch the wheel spin without placing a bet.

Live Blackjack

A blackjack table is loved for its wide range of side bets and its more fun than blackjack online. However, the side-bets carry big house edges which can be disadvantageous if you have no money strategy.

Casino Games House Edge

Not all online casino games are kind. That is why online gambling at games with a low house edge is the best way to minimise losses. The casino house edge is the mathematical advantage that the casino sites hold in any game.

Free vs Real Money Games

You can only win real cash if you play with real money on reliable casinos sites. However, always have a money strategy in place. Before making a deposit, check to see if there are any bonuses or promotions. Also, ensure you are aware of the payment terms and conditions of the casino.

If you are just starting at online gambling sites and are not sure of your gaming skills, play on demo first. Free online casino games help you understand the gameplay, bet limits and house edge. For instance, there are thousands of free slots to play, even if it is just for fun.

Conclusion - Why Play Online Casino Games

Online casino games are not only entertaining but they come with other benefits. A psychological study showed that controlled gaming can improve your brain.

Mobile casinos offer a wider range of gaming options than you would also find at a land-based casino. Even better, you can access online gambling sites anywhere and anytime, from a compatible device.