Live Blackjack Online - Winning Strategies, Casinos and Tips

To all the casino enthusiasts out there, one version of an easy to learn table game is the ultimate favorite - Live Blackjack. It is part of the group of online casino games known as twenty-one. It is reported to have been imported to the United States during the 1930s. Known as Vingt-Un (twenty-one) upon arrival, the game acquired the name blackjack as casinos would offer a massive bonus for gamblers whose winning hand had a blackjack and an ace.

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Live blackjack - How to Play

Blackjack is a card game played with anything from a single deck to 8 decks of cards. It pits the banker against other gamblers and can have between two and seven players. The casino bankrolls the banker's hand, and players have to play a better hand to win. Each player gets two cards either in private or face up. In the U.S version of blackjack, the dealer also gets a couple of cards at the start of. One card remains hidden while the other is exposed. The dealer keeps hitting until he reaches a total of 17 points for his cards.

When he reaches 17 points or higher, the dealer is forced to stay in the game. You are betting against the dealer predicting that you have a better hand. To win your hand you must contain a total closer to 21 but you should not exceed it.

According to playing rules, a player automatically wins if they receive a ten-value card coupled with an ace and gets a bonus. If the player goes bust by exceeding the total of 21, they lose even if the dealer's total exceeds this limit too. The player wins if the dealer goes bust and the player remains under the limit. The game is referred to as a push when the dealer and player receive hands that match in value. In this case, no one wins.

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Hard Hands and Soft Hands in Live Blackjack

Blackjack rules have it that the aces carry a value of either 1 or 11. You choose the most favourable amount of the ace according to the hand you are dealt with. A hand lacking an ace or one with all aces with values of one is described as a hard hand. Going by this, you would have a "hard 17" if you had a nine, a seven and an ace in your hand. Soft hands are hands in which the aces are counted as 11. A hand with an Ace and a six is described as a "soft 17."

The idea of the soft or hard hand is important as it impacts on the rules of blackjack. In some variations, the rules dictate that the "dealer must hit soft 17." Other variants require that the dealer stands on 17. Knowing this, you can now anticipate how the dealer intends to play the next hand.

Live Blackjack Variants

There is a handful of blackjack live dealer blackjack games with distinguishing features that you should know about. One of the most played live blackjack variants is American blackjack. The American version is often referred to as the classic one. It differs from European blackjack when it comes to the stage at which the dealer takes a hole card.

When you play the European version of live blackjack online, you will notice that it differs from the American version as the dealer only gets their hole card after the player announces their decision on the cards dealt. Vegas strip blackjack is another famous variation. In Vegas-style blackjack, the player does not necessarily lose when they go bust, and they can push the dealer to go bust as well.

Online gamblers also like to play blackjack switch. In this variation, you have the chance to switch cards when the second set of cards is dealt to make a pair with better values.

Tips and Betting Strategy for Live Blackjack

There is no single strategy used when playing blackjack that guarantees total success. Even so, there are tips gamblers can apply to increase their chances of winning. The best approach attributes to the right mix of luck and planning. With this combination, you are likely to win multiple hands when playing live blackjack online.

The first tip is to always hit when your card total is below eight. Splits are known to increase your chances of winning, however, it is recommended that you never split fours, fives or tens. Part of the strategy also includes avoiding insurance bets. The truth is that the insurance bet lets you play two games concurrently; however, it does not increase the odds that you will win and is a waste of valuable chips.

Aficionados of blackjack are known to count cards. The strategy was discovered in the late 60s, and much of pop culture features depictions of players winning big through card counting. While it takes time to learn card counting, we advise that you start by keeping a running count to help you make your decision according to the cards dealt.

Top Live Blackjack Casinos in the Philippines

If you intend to play blackjack online, then it is best to play at the top vendors for Filipino players. There are tons of online casinos out there offering exciting deals, and you might find it hard to settle on a single gaming platform. That's where we come in, we have sifted through the mound of online gambling sites to bring you the best.

One favourable online casino to play at is PNXBET Casino, which is optimised for the Asian gambler and lets you play live casino blackjack. It offers numerous variants of the game with top-of-the-range software providers on board.

We also recommend that players try out live dealer blackjack online at Fortune Jack Casino. As the name suggests, there lies a fortune at the casino that only you can claim. BitStarz Casino is yet another online operator you will enjoy playing at. As the name suggests, the casino offers one of the most comprehensive lists of cryptocurrency payment options online. The operator is tailored for the player that wants to play using cryptocurrencies.


Blackjack is a table game with a rich history and popular acclaim. Online gamblers like to play live blackjack for real money so that they can feel a genuine casino experience. Learning the rules is simple, and you can start playing for real money as soon as you get the hang of it. There are several variants for gamblers to try out. We recommended that you play at least a single game in each to find out what variation you like.