Play Online Blackjack for Real Money or Free in the Philippines

Online blackjack is one of the top casino games in the Philippines due to its popularity. The traditional card game has been a significant part of the gambling sector in the country and the online version piggybacks on that success. What makes blackjack so appealing, though. For one, it is a cheap gambling option. Gamblers who prefer low-risk gambling will find blackjack more than satisfactory. Another reason is that online blackjack games come in several variants, so there are alternatives to suit different tastes. Numerous casinos in the Philippines offer the chance to play blackjack online, and this guide explains how to go about it.

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Online Blackjack - Rules and Player Options

Beginners who want to play online blackjack for money should know the rules first. Online blackjack isn't that much different from the conventional type. Some of the rules change with the variation of the game. Therefore, players should be cautious about the blackjack variant they choose. Knowing some basics should get you going, but as you play blackjack games more, your comprehension of the various rules gets better.

Basic Rules Of Play

The objective when playing blackjack games is to get a hand that is closer or equal to 21 and beat the dealer. If your hand surpasses 21, then it is considered a bust and you lose the wager. You also lose if the dealer gets a better hand than you. A standard deck of 52 cards is used. The number of decks varies with the type. When the game starts, each player receives two cards, dealt face up in most cases. The dealer also gets two cards, but one is face up and the other down. Number cards are worth their rank, face cards have a value of 10 while an ace can be a 1 or 11 depending on what the player chooses. Players compare their cards to the dealer, and not each other. So, two gamblers can win or lose with different card totals.

Player Options in Online Blackjack

A player can take different actions when playing online blackjack. After getting the cards, you and the dealer check for blackjack. If you have a natural 21, then the wager payouts 3:2. However, if neither you nor the dealer has a blackjack, then the round proceeds. The bet alternatives are:

Best Blackjack Strategies and Tips

The right tactics can help get the most when you play blackjack online for money. It takes time before you can master the tricks like an experienced player. So, knowing what to do in certain circumstances helps a great deal.

One tip is to avoid paying insurance for your online blackjack bets. This move costs you half of your original wager, and if you win you only break even. You would rather risk losing the wager than take even money when you win.

Learn basic strategy charts before betting on online blackjack. A player should be clear about the right moves to make when holding particular cards.

Understand the unique rules of different blackjack games. Some of these rules increase the odds, and that translates to bigger payouts. Know if there are actions that can shift the odds in your favour.

When the option is available always split your cards, especially when holding an eight and Ace.

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Hard Hands & Soft Hands in Online Blackjack

One secret to gambling on blackjack is knowing how to distinguish the different hands. The game has two main ones - soft and hard. In both instances, the Ace plays a critical part. A soft hand has an Ace that counts as either 1 or 11, depending on a player's requirements. For example, if you landed an Ace and a 5, that makes a soft 16. Then you decide to hit and get a 7. Ordinarily, you would bust and lose. However, the Ace here can count as 1, thus saving that hand. Conversely, a hard hand doesn't always contain an Ace, and if it does, it counts as 1.

The Best Online Blackjack Variations

Although the game's goal doesn't change, more than one variation exists. Over time, there have been attempts to improve it. The result is a market filled with a dizzying number of blackjack tables. Some of these are simple variations to the classic. Others are unique creations that manufacturers come up with. The advantage is that blackjack enthusiasts with different preferences can easily find suitable gaming solutions. Below are popular variations:

Classic Blackjack

This variation is the standard version of the game, which uses the basic blackjack rules. However, classic blackjack titles from different providers can have specific rules. For example, a regular blackjack title can allow players to bet on multiple decks. Side bets and game features are other elements that define certain classic blackjack titles.

Blackjack Switch

In this version, a player gets two hands and puts a wager on each. The cards are dealt normally except that you have the freedom to switch a card from one hand with another. For instance, if you have one hand with Ace and 2, while the other has a 6 and 2 you can switch the 6 with the 2. Therefore, your hands will be Ace+6, 2+2. Blackjack switch allows you to boost the value of your hands.

Single Deck Blackjack

As the name says, this version uses a single deck of cards. However, the rules don't change. A player gets two cards, and so does the dealer. You can then opt to hit, stand or double down. The difference between this variant and multi-deck blackjack is that the later has a slightly lower house advantage. Due to the fewer 10s in a deck, single-deck blackjack also has a high house edge on the insurance bet.

Counting Cards in Online Blackjack - Is It Possible?

When searching for online blackjack strategies, counting cards will come up often because it's an old tactic. Does it work, though? It's nearly impossible to count cards in an online blackjack game. These products have random number generators (RNGs), which are computerised systems that use algorithms to shuffle and deal the cards. The systems keep the results genuinely random. A player should find other blackjack strategies to improve their betting chances.

Best Casinos to Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

Filipinos have more than enough online casinos where they can gamble on blackjack. Finding the right casino is the true test. First of all, always check that a website is duly registered. Then consider the other aspects that make a good online casino like reliable payment methods. A reputable site should prioritise customer safety by implementing robust security protocols. Look at reviews to see how a particular casino holds up during real money gaming. Below are top choices for Filipinos gamblers:


The operator is an excellent pick because it customises promotions for users in the Philippines. Customers enjoy an attractive welcome bonus and a few other offers. 1xBet stocks products from some of the top developers, including Betsoft, Playtech and Microgaming. You can bet on all types of blackjack titles, such as VIP Blackjack, Speed Blackjack and European Blackjack. The site is compatible with various mobile devices.


If you intend to bet on Bitcoin blackjack in the Philippines, then this is the casino to consider. The operator accepts Bitcoin besides other standard payments methods. Bitstarz has some of the best casino promotions for Filipinos. You can boost your budget with a welcome bonus, daily offers, and game-specific promotions. The operator offers live dealer blackjack titles from Evolution Gaming and Vivo Gaming. Bet on titles like Blackjack Classic 10, Blackjack VIP and First Person Blackjack.


This blackjack website also supports Bitcoin transactions. Cloudbet is a well-recognised online casino with an extensive library. With providers such as NetEnt, Play 'n Go and Betsoft supplying the games, customers can be sure about the quality of titles available on the site. Blackjack enthusiasts have a large selection from which to choose. They can enjoy titles like Single Deck Blackjack, American Blackjack and the Blackjack Gold Series from Microgaming. Customers can also play live blackjack online at Cloudbet.

Free Blackjack Games

A surefire way to improve your blackjack skills is to practice often, and freeplay can help with that. Free online blackjack is an excellent way to master the game because you can bet as much as you want. Most blackjack titles come with a demo feature that allows you to wager with virtual cash. Without the worry of losing real money, you can play however you want. Free games are a chance to use the blackjack tips you learned and maybe try some new strategies. You can also use them to test new titles. Note that live blackjack doesn't have a freeplay option.

Conclusion - Why Play Online Blackjack

Playing online blackjack is a fun pastime that provides you with an opportunity to make some cash. A gambler who is new to card games should consider starting with blackjack because it is brilliantly uncomplicated. Additionally, the game doesn't require a large budget. Filipino players who prefer playing with human dealers have numerous options for live blackjack. You also get to play the game from virtually any device thanks to mobile casinos.