A Complete Guide to Playing Online Baccarat for Filipinos

Because online baccarat has the lowest house advantage among casino games, it has quite a large fan base. Baccarat has always had a reputation as a highly sophisticated game that is also a bit complicated. However, that notion has since changed as the game became more accessible and learning resources readily available.

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The Philippines is one of the places where online baccarat has a decent following. Since no law explicitly prohibits online gambling, baccarat enthusiasts in the Philippines can play to their satisfaction. Almost every reputable casino in the country offers table games and baccarat, in one form or other, is a staple.

Online Baccarat - Rules and Types of Bets

Never attempt to play baccarat online for real money without knowing at least the fundamentals. This guide saves you the trouble by highlighting the most critical components of playing online baccarat. Once you are through reading, you can confidently take on various baccarat versions to play for free or real money. Filipino players also get to find out about the different kinds of baccarat bets that they can make.

Basic Rules Of Play

Baccarat features two hands - the Player and Banker. You are the Player, and the goal is to have a hand that is closer to 9 than the Banker’s (dealer’s) hand. You can have 2 or 3 cards in a hand, depending on the baccarat variant. Before a round begins, you have to wager on if the Banker or Player hand has a higher total or if it will be a tie. The player doesn’t have to do much because most of the actions are by the dealer.

An Ace is worth a 1, 2-9 are valued at face value while face cards and 10s are 0. Each side gets two cards to start. If either of the hands holds an 8 or 9, then that is a natural total, and the game ends there. Also, if, one of the hands has a higher card total than the other, that hand wins, ending that round. The round continues otherwise. If the total is a two-digit figure, only the second number counts. The player can then take a third card or not depending on the hand totals.

Types of Online Baccarat Bets

Before you get into online baccarat gambling, know how the different ways that you can bet. Note that in this game, you are betting on the outcome of the round, not yourself. The main options in online baccarat are;

Best Baccarat Strategies and Tips

No one formula guarantees you a sure win when playing real money baccarat. So, how do you tilt the probabilities to be more favourable? A few tactics can help.

Always bet on the Banker because it offers the lowest house advantage. Despite the casino taking a 5% commission, this bet has odds of 45.85%. So, it makes sense to take a chance of it.

If you are a beginner, start with baccarat variants with low table limits. Even though the payouts might be small, these games are best if you are still learning. Mini baccarat and no commission baccarat are some of the alternatives recommended for novices.

Avoid the tie bet, even though it is extremely tempting. Although they pay out at odds of 9:1, tie bets have a lower possibility of hitting compared to the Banker or Player. The house edge is the highest for this bet at 14.4%.

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The Best Online Baccarat Variations

Whatever your gaming experience, you can trust online baccarat to offer something appropriate. Over time, the traditional game has evolved to create an array of versions. When deciding the most suitable baccarat variant, remember that although the objective is the same, the rules are not. Table limits also vary on a wide scale. Therefore, players should know the basics of a specific type. Below are popular baccarat variants:

Chemin de Fer

This baccarat version has players betting against each other. They have to take turns acting as the Banker. The Banker and Player get two cards at a time, and both can take a third regardless of the total. In Chemin de Fer, the casino collects a percentage from each player’s winning, which means that the site doesn’t provide financial backing and, therefore, takes no risk.

Baccarat en Banque

The biggest difference between Baccarat en Banque and other baccarat variants is that the Player gets two hands and the Banker one. A casino usually auctions off the role of Banker before the round begins. One player acts as the dealer for the entirety of the shoe. You can bet on either of the Player’s hands but not the dealer’s. In this baccarat type, a table can have a single player.

Punto Banco

This type of online baccarat is closest to the classic version, hence its popularity. Its simplicity makes it a favourite for both regular and live baccarat. The rules don’t change; you have to bet on the Player, Banker or Tie. Your cards determine the subsequent moves to make during a particular round. A table can have up to 12 players with bet paying out 1:1.

Counting Cards in Online Baccarat - Is It Possible?

Some baccarat players recommend tracking cards as they are dealt from the shoe to predict the next cards. Although this strategy of counting cards is an old one, it is ineffective when playing online baccarat. As with most casino games, baccarat uses a random number generator (RNG) to run the table. The system employs an algorithm to ensure that outcomes are truly random. For this reason, gamblers cannot count cards in RNG products. Regulated casinos are strict about game testing, which is usually by independent organizations.

Best Casinos to Play Online Baccarat for Real Money

The gambling website that you select affects how you play baccarat online. A casino dictates the game variety, how you pay and if you get help when necessary. Therefore, make this decision cautiously. So, what makes a good baccarat casino? Firstly, it should offer your preferred baccarat variants. Secondly, an operator should have a choice of bonuses and promotions. Thirdly, a baccarat casino online site should be mobile compatible. Customers who intend to play on their smartphones or tablets should be able to. Below are examples;


The Betfair casino is newer compared other the other offerings by the open. Nonetheless, the website provides a decent range of table games. It doesn't have a lot of choices for baccarat enthusiasts, but you can still play the card game for real money. Betfair has more alternatives on the live platform from Evolution Gaming. The gambling site is licensed and safe for Filipino players. Apart from the simple user interface, Betfair offers convenient payment methods.


The gambling site is revered in the Philippines because it provides a broad selection of high-quality products. Players searching for a reputable baccarat live casino site will find PNXBET more than suitable. The live platform run on Evolution Gaming software, which guarantees interactive baccarat lobbies. Several baccarat titles are available, such as American, Classic and First Person Baccarat. PNXBET also has a host of exciting promotions that customers with different preferences will appreciate.

777 Casino

The retro-Vegas look of 777 Casino makes playing online baccarat here feel authentic. Besides the ambience, the operator has various bonuses for Filipino customers. If regular casino baccarat is your thing, the site has a few alternatives. Players who prefer live gaming can choose from top titles like Lightning Baccarat. 777 is a perfect pick for beginners who only need the basic forms of the game. The extensive list of banking methods is another reason Filipinos should consider this platform.

Free Baccarat Games

The ability to play online baccarat for free is invaluable. How can a game be free? One way is through demo versions, which most software manufacturers incorporate in their products. The other is by using a no-deposit bonus that doesn't require you to fund a gaming account first. Free play provides a chance for beginners to improve their skills without the pressure of losing money. Additionally, playing for fun allows you to check out new releases without risking money. You can learn about a game's features at your pace. Seasoned gamblers use demos to test betting strategies. You can check what effect a particular betting system has on a baccarat title before playing for real money.

Conclusion - Why Play Online Baccarat

At first, online baccarat can seem like a hard game to grasp. However, once you know the Player and Banker rules, it is uncomplicated. You can play different variations of the game without any trouble, and that provides great options for entertainment. Given the low house edge of baccarat, it offers attractive opportunities to make money off your gambling. With mobile casinos in the Philippines, you can bet on baccarat from almost anywhere.